FAÉM Living Jewelry creates custom jewelry pieces that live and breathe. We  believe that the future of luxury is art objects that “live with you”. Works from the collection are intuitive, communicative, and in harmony with the wearer and her environment. Our essence lies in the delicate combination of experiential and aesthetic design to communicate meaningful messages.

The term “Living Art” was coined by Florent Aziosmanoff to describe a system by which art objects become animated with a specific behavior through artificial intelligence, in order to communicate meaningful messages with its environment.

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Living Jewelry is the application of Living Art technologies to wearable art pieces. The FAÉM Living Jewelry Collection consists of custom jewelry art objects that respond to the wearer and her environment.

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Each piece is unique and features its own combination of precious metals, gems, precious stones, diamonds, and unconventional materials like sensors, lighting elements and screens.

For any interest in orders, either from our existing collection or for a new custom design, contact us here ORDER NOW We provide quality service and consultation as part of the FAÉM Living Jewelry experience.

Each piece is unique and made in limited edition. The number of available editions depends on the specific work of art. We invite you to contact us for any inquiries.