Our Story

The history of jewelry making in Armenia dates back several centuries. One of the epicenters for creativity and master craftsmanship was the city of Gyumri. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that innovative technologies were incorporated into this long-standing art form.


It all started in Gyumri, Armenia in the summer of 2013, when Living Art founder Florent Aziosmanoff was invited by the Luys Education Foundation to explore the nation’s historic art capital and share the principals of his new brilliant technology. Aziosmanoff was inspired by Gyumri, resulting in the creation of several Living Art pieces, as well as the beginning of a deep bond with the local art making culture. The following year Elina Markaryan, at the time a business advisor for the Luys Foundation, helped continue this relationship through a follow-up visit. Together, Aziosmanoff and Markaryan curated a Master Class workshop that would lead Gyumri talent on a Living Art journey.


The workshop applied Living Art technology to local craftsmanship in order to create unique, intuitive art objects. Considering the city of Gyumri’s rich artistic heritage and particular prowess in jewelry crafts, stonework, and metal work,

applying Living Art technologies to the jewelry industry came naturally. The workshop united craftsmen, digital technicians and artists to design one of a kind thoughtful pieces. The results were astonishing, gaining recognition in the national and international press for the five resulting prototypes: Breath of a stone, Taking Flight, Harmony, Meeting of Souls, and Weight of Lightness. Seeing the potential to revolutionize the luxury jewelry industry, it was then that the seed was planted for a much larger dream.


In 2015, Elina Markaryan established FAÉM Living Jewelry. FAÉM’s extensive vision is to innovate the international luxury jewelry industry while cultivating local expertise and stimulating the economy in Gyumri.