FAÉM Living Jewelry has a vision to revolutionize the luxury market by combining technology and luxury design in a way that has never been done before.


Luxury in an enhanced sense: exquisite design and craftsmanship that doesn’t just represent a concept, it lives it. The ultimate in custom design, each bijoux d’art is exclusively made for the wearer and develops with its owner through intuitive behavioral awareness.


Elegance defined by beauty, intelligence and intuition.


We envision the launching of a niche market with FAÉM as its pioneer. Digital technologies are no longer tools to facilitate our lives, they have become the design by which we operate in all spheres. Their incorporation into the luxury sector is inevitable yet unexplored.


FAÉM Living Jewelry has chosen the city of Gyumri for the base of its Maison. The formal language of Living Art is new, and it is a knowledge and know-how that Aziosmanoff and Markaryan are cultivating through FAÉM. The Maison will not only benefit from the wealth of local knowledge and talent, but also stimulate an economy with educational, creative, and lucrative value for the city of Gyumri.


Our vision is far-reaching, our ideas are palpable, and our jewels are individual.