FAÉM Living Jewelry Collection - Breath of the Stone

Vahagn Ghukasyan

Crafter: Hamlet Grigoryan

Technician: Rafayel Heqimyan

Programmers: Aram Hovhannisyan, Tamara Hovhannisyan

Stones, 10 Vibrating engines, 10 LEDs, microphone, Arduino UNO, Arduino language.

“Breath of the Stone” was designed by Vahagn Ghukasyan as a necklace that embodies the essence of the Armenian land. A central pendant of smaller stones hangs from a strand of larger ordinary stones that embrace the neck. The piece comes to life depending on the calmness of the wearer’s environment. In moments of chaos and noise, the necklace stays silent. In moments of calmness the bijoux d’art comes to life with small vibrations that emanate a pulsating hum. Accompanying the rhythmic movement is a breath-like glow of light from beneath the stones. According to the artist, within this rough material lives a spirituality that comes to life only for those who pay close attention to it through peace and mindfulness.