Living Art - Art that lives with you

The term “Living Art” was coined by Florent Aziosmanoff, Digital Artist, Social Scientist and co-founder of “Le Cube”, the first Center for Digital Creation in Europe.


Whether in the fields of design, urban planning, or education, or simply within the devices of our daily use, today our activity is dominated by artificial intelligence that recognizes, records, and responds to our patterns of behavior. Only now is this also becoming true in the arts.


Aziosmanoff explains that when an individual is confronted by an object with 

its own behavior, the person inturn modifies his behavior in order to encourage a reaction in the object. In other words, the person is guided by the behavior of the object. This is the meaning of “Living Art”: it is both an object that “is living” as much as an object that is “to be lived”. The artistic concept is revealed not only in the physical oeuvre, but especially by the behavioral exchange between person(s), object, and environment.


These meaningful exchanges are personal, intimate conversations that can evolve as the exchange is prolonged. The experience doesn’t have to end when we leave the Living Art work, but can rather continue to evolve if we carry the art object on our person through wearable art like FAÉM Living Jewelry.