As works of art are given life through Living Art technologies, the same philosophy is applied to luxury jewelry. The FAÉM Living Jewelry Collection consists of custom jewelry pieces that respond to the wearer and her environment. For the first time, high technology is artfully embedded within expertly designed and crafted bijoux d’art in order to communicate a meaningful message.


The artistic essence of luxury jewels are defined by their formal and conceptual qualities. They are public sculptures and it’s not surprising that major artists of the twentieth century experimented in jewelry design. Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, Georges Braque and even Picasso experimented in jewelry design. More recently, prominent museums like the Grand Palais in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have turned to the history of luxury jewelry brands like Bulgari and Cartier for the focus of art exhibitions. In 2014 the Gagosian gallery showed an exhibit on jewelry for the first time through a solo show of work by Paris-based jeweler Victoire de Castellane. Art is wearable. The FAÉM Living Jewelry Collection represents wearable luxury art objects at their most innovative.

FAÉM Living Jewelry has chosen the city of Gyumri for the foundation of its Maison. This new field of luxury goods requires the union of exceptionally talented artists, craftsmen, and digital technicians. With Living Jewelry as a niche market, FAÉM focuses on quality versus quantity by bringing together a team of highly specialized individuals whose interdisciplinary collaboration yields luxury masterpieces. The formal language of Living Art is new, and it is a knowledge and know-how that Aziosmanoff and Markaryan are cultivating in Gyumri through FAÉM. The Maison will not only benefit from the wealth of local knowledge and talent, but also stimulate an economy with educational, creative, and lucrative value for the city of Gyumri.