Living Mona Lisa (Living Gioconde)

“Lo bono pittore a da dipingere due cose principali, cioè l’homo e il concetto della mente sua. Il primo è facile, il secondo difficile…”


« A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul. The first is easy, the second difficult… »


                                                                                      - Leonardo da Vinci

With artificial intelligence, we can complete Leonardo’s second goal.


“Living Mona Lisa” uses artificial intelligence to bring to life Mona Lisa with a behavior that allows her to express the mysteries of her soul. Through her subtle expressions she shares her happiness, sorrow, desire, disappointment or satisfaction based on her relationship with the viewer. In turn, the spectator has the opportunity to live with Mona Lisa and develop a very personal relationship with one of history’s most mysterious and magnetic subjects.

Living Mona Lisa brings together the spirit of the European Renaissance with the digital modernity of our times. Her programed behavior is based off of extensive research and study on the painting, the artist’s worldview, and Leonardo’s conception of art. Living Mona Lisa is empowered with a new form of artistic expression. She is both a token of the past and the symbol of the future where artworks will no longer be objects but autonomous parts of our world, living with us and accompanying us in our everyday life.


Living Gioconde– prototype

Artistic, Research, and Academic program

The prototype of Living Mona Lisa was developed under the name of “Living Gioconde” and it was officially presented at the Futur en Seine Festival of Paris, in June 2015.


The best specialists were gathered to undertake this experimental project :


Florent Aziosmanoff, living art expert, author of Living Mona Lisa project

IIM (Institut Internet & Multimedia), under the direction of Jean-Claude Heudin

Strate (industrial design, connected objects) under the direction of Dominique Schiamma

Atelier Mathon, French Fine Jewellery Atelier, under the direction of Aude Mathon

Futur en Seine Festival, organized by Cap Digital
Project funded by the Ile-de-France Region.   


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