FAÉM Living Jewelry Collection - Meeting of Souls

Tatev Harutyunyan

Crafter: Artem Martirosyan

Technician: Rafayel Heqimyan

Programmers: Aram Hovhannisyan, Tamara Hovhannisyan

Engraved brass, 87 micro LEDs, soft potentiometer, Arduino UNO, Arduino language


A geometric labyrinth comes full circle in the engraved brass cuff bracelet, “Meeting of Souls”. Rough and sophisticated, medieval and avant-garde, Tatev Harutyunan’s aesthetic is timeless. Conceptually, the engravings and winding path represent an urban landscape of routes and city buildings. The lights that line the brass ridges shine yellow for streetlights and windows, red for the rooftops, and green for the trees and parks. As the observer and wearer shake hands, the lights begin to illuminate. With continued contact, the animation navigates the complex, winding through the city streets from opposite ends of the labyrinth. If this intimate contact is maintained long enough, the lights eventually unite in a tranquil forest at the center of the maze.Harutyunyan uses the metaphoric labyrinth to compel people to explore distance and time in order to discover an internal connection with one another.