FAÉM Living Jewelry Collection - Taking Flight

Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan

Crafters: Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan

Technicians: Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan,

Programmers: Aram Hovhannisyan, Tamara Hovhannisyan

Materials: Brass, 3 LEDs, 2 vibrating engines, ultrasonic sensor, Arduino UNO, Arduino language


A butterfly rests upon a landscape of golden foliage. Expertly worked brass in combination with innovative materials work together to breathe life into this landscape. A soft glow of cobalt or purple light, or the fluttering of the creature’s wings take place depending on the wearer’s interactions with others. A distant exchange will encourage a twinkle of the lights: a gentle call to be approached. A closer encounter with another inspires a deeper glow. If this exchange is prolonged with sincerity and tranquility, the butterfly’s wings will begin to flutter.


Using the metaphor of the butterfly taking flight, designers Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan express that we can all realize our dreams when we take the time to sincerely consider and believe in one another.