Karine Galstyan

Crafters : Artyom Sargsyan

Technician: Pol Olory

Programmer: Artur Yesayan

3D printing skeleton, metal wires, brass, cotton, tulle, 4 vibrating engines, infrared sensor, Arduino UNO, Arduino language.

The Weight of Lightness is an earring in the shape of a dancing ballerina. The voluptuous figure recalls the subjects of Botero, with round forms bulging from a tutu in a caricaturesque fashion. Yet her grace and lightness is felt despite her weighty shape sculpted from iron and tulle.


In a quiet surrounding, the ballerina begins to dance subtly as if to her internal music. In a noisy atmosphere, she is still. When disturbed by a sudden loud sound, she reacts with an ungraceful, awkward reflex.


Karine Galstyan uses the image of the voluptuous ballerina to contrast her physical weight with her internal lightness and harmony. The jewel’s behavior highlights the disparity between external appearance and inner truth to foster a deeper awareness of the other.