Co-founder and Creative Director of FAÉM Living Jewelry

Florent Aziosmanoff is an author, researcher, and producer of Living Art and Living Art Labs. He is a qualified social

psychologist withan extensive background in creative direction for the video arts, visual arts, and digital arts. In 1988 Aziosmanoff

founded and managed ART3000,a hub for arts in Paris that coordinated events, exhibitions, symposia, and

the General Assembly on Interactive Writing.These activities were made public via the center’s publication,

NOV’ART magazine. For the past 10 years, Aziosmanoff has worked in digital creation.As the Creative Director for “Le Cube,”

the first Center for Digital Creation in Europe, Aziosmanoff was principally incharge of artist residencies and festivals,

including the 1ER CONTACT FESTIVAL (2002-2005). He is the founderof Living Art technologies, a system that animates art

objects and images with autonomous behavior through artificial intelligence.More recently, Aziosmanoff has applied this innovative

technology to luxury goods through his creative direction at FAÉM Living Jewelry.His most recent project,

“Living Mona Lisa” (2015), is both a Living Art piece and a Living Jewelry prototype.He is author of the books Living art, l’art

numérique and Living art, fondations. He continues to work, design, curate,and produce

unique works through Living Art Labs and FAÉM Living Jewelry.