Board Member & Branding Advisor for FAÉM Living Jewelry

Vasken Kalayjian is the CEO and Brand Architect at GK Brand, Tribe Global. He is a global

branding expert forextensiveFortune 500 companies, start-ups, not-for-profit organizations, and governments.

He has 30 years of global experiencebuilding strongorganizational and company brands, profitable portfolio

of product brands, and powerful solutions for place andcountry brands.Kalayjian began hisprofessional

career at NBC Universal as a designer, art director, creative director,on-air promotiondirector, and the

head of marketing and promotion where he rebranded NBC. He helped launch, promote, anddevelop several programson

network television as well as hit features and series. Kalayjian has won hundreds ofindustry awards for his work in

package design,branding corporate headquarters, and other major global projects. He has workedwith diverse blue chip clients,

includingA&E, ABC, American Airlines, Canon, CBS, Chase Bank, Coca-Cola, GE, HBO,History Channel, IBM, Kia Automobiles,

NBC, Neuberger Berman, NFL, Olympics, Panasonic, Roche, Siemens, Sony, Shell,Suzuki, Time, and many more.

Kalayjian currently lives between the US and Europe with his wife Jacqueline Karaaslanian.

His current global marketing and branding projects include country branding forArmenia

and his on-going collaboration with FAÉM Living Jewelry.